A lake, some ducklings & a water meadow

I would have to forgive you if you missed seeing the fabulous small lake hidden behind the trees when entering our small town of New Milton. If you've taken the A35 across the forest from Lyndhurst and come in through Bashley, then there is little doubt that you will pass Ballard Lake.  In this enclosed but charming location, a wander around the lake, away from what would be the hustle and bustle of life, is a walk a little on the wild side. Take the short path through the trees, the wooden bridge over the culvert and wander around to the far side of the lake, then turn and take a look back toward the island. Its a stunning view and my photo just doesn't do it justice.Ballard Lake new forest

It's definitely spring, as there was a raft of ducklings huddled together on a log to the side of the lake - no mum visibly around, so we were unsure as to whether she had gone a-hunting, swimming nearby or had left them to fend for themselves. They looked happy enough though in the sunshine on their own raft!


Carry on walking around the lake on the pathway and to the right is a hidden gateway leading to the water meadows; an L shaped open space with a stream running through it. Cross the stream and wander up to the wooded area and back around through the sheltered glades under the trees. It's a quiet place with only a few people scattered around walking their dogs and enjoying a wonderful wander amongst the wildlife!water meadows newforest

water meadows newforest


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