Misty walk at Keyhaven on New Years Day

What better than a murky & misty bracing New Years Walk along the sea wall at Keyhaven!

Where's that then? Take the road towards Lymington and hook a right turn at Everton towards Milford on Sea. Immediately go left down Lyemore Lane and wind your way as far as you can go past the cottages and open farmland and Keyhaven will welcome you.

We took the path down to the sea wall, past the yacht yard - no one out today - it's very calm but too misty to see far. Walking along the sea wall, we loved the views over to Hurst Castle - one of Henry VIII's fortresses built in the 1500s. 

Accompanied by the eerie sound of the fog horn, warning ships of the Needles on the Isle of Wight and the narrow passage of water between the castle and island, we walked fairly briskly along the raised path to the lane which takes you to the shingle spit. Other people were being brave enough to make the challenging walk on uneven pebbles all the way from Milford to the castle.

We returned via the narrow lane, often ducking into the undergrowth to avoid the few cars passing us to get to the spit, and then hopped in the car to enjoy a hot chocolate at the Royal Oak at Downton on the way home.


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