A forest walk a little on the wild side

Today was the first time that we have ventured out into the New Forest by car for over 8 weeks, but we didn't need to go far to feel a world away from the town.

new forest treesTaking the forest road, out through Bashley, we turn at the Rising Sun and head down to Wootton Bridge; a stream follows slowly under the bridge and it's shallow enough here for paddling when the water is warm enough.

We headed back over the bridge and take the pathway immediately to the left, with the sun shining through the tall trees, enticing us to follow it alongside the stream on one side and Broadley Enclosure on the other.  The stream winds and wends it's way through the trees, with oxbow lakes and plenty of bends that it makes you wonder how it has managed to keep flowing at such a pace. We've come off the main path to follow the twists and turns finding that was quite boggy in places, making us retrace our steps a couple of times.

There were beautiful daisies in flower on the far bank of the stream, where people fail to tread, so they can multiply as much they wish with their heads just bobbing slightly in the breeze.

Once we've come into open forestland, we turn away from the stream and open the big gate into the Broadley enclosure - there are many of these areas in the forest, where the trees are specifically planted and managed by the Forestry Commission. However, keeping to the paths allows us to wander amongst them and we have such a surprise when we see a young deer, amongst the woodland - can you see them - was really difficult to get a picture? We quietly watch for a couple of minutes trying to distract them but they spot us and move away into a thicker copse.

Coming out of the enclosure, we find we are facing towards the Rising Sun pub on the open grassland, and wander over closer to the ponies grazing contentedly as it's so peaceful.  Time then to head back to the road (which isn't busy) and complete our circular walk.


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