Who doesn't love a trip to beach?

One of our favourite beaches within the New Forest is at Calshot on the East side of the forest. Known as Calshot Spit, a beach huts at calshotmile long sand and shingle bank looking out to the Isle of Wight on one side and Southampton Water on the other, it's a great place for a walk. It's often windy though (like today) so remember to grab a jacket before you go.calshot beach

Due to it's location, there is always plenty to see; yachts, boats, ferries & cruise liners will make their way around the Island and between the spit and Portsmouth up to the docks at Southampton. Paragliders and windsurfers take advantage of the wind to race across the waves.

Today, it was so clear that we could see the houses across at Cowes on the Island - no sea mist in sight!

The beach huts are also a fabulous sight - we need to save up to buy one, just to be able to sit and watch the day go by!

The best way of enjoying the spit is to walk up the beach away from the end of the headland, and then make your way back behind twatch househe beach huts, as the colours as just a fab at the back, and view towards the City is captivating.beach huts

On completing our beach walk, we took a detour on our way home, stopping at Ashlett Creek - discovering a water mill, and then taking the road to Lepe Beach, we drive past the Watch House which stands on the edge of the beach, proudly looking out to sea.


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